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iOS Icon and Wallpaper design pack 1 night and twilight

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Choose a unique design for your iPhone from a number of thoughtfully orchestrated design packs. Guided by a story, all packages are designed with consistency and simplicity in mind to provide a single beautiful user interface.

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- three design stories with three themes each

- each theme consists of matching wallpapers and

- 66 custom icons

- lifelong free updates

- coupon to give to a friend

- detailed installation instructions

Pack #1

Inspired by the inevitable rhythm of the changing spirits of lights on a day, this collection plays with the alternation of gloomy darkness, murky dimness and bright sunshine. DayTwilightNight combines the major tones of mine shaft, sirocco and alabaster to trace the sequence of changing daytimes and their unique atmospheres.

Pack #2

Water. The source of life, so essential and vital and yet so volatile and impelled by higher forces. Starting at the high snowy summits it knows only one direction. Beginning with small rivulets it unites with its equals to form brooks, rivers, streams to eventually end this journey in the endless ocean. This pack follows the lifelines of our planet, water, on its ever recurring journey.

Pack #3

We enter the green lung of our planet. A place that has always been mystified by mankind, and justifiably enough, it is a very magical place. With this pack, we portray the forest as a habitat, the dominant hunters and their no less spectacular prey.


All design packages are continuously updated and extended. Every purchase includes access to updates, forever. See what has happened so far.

  • freeee 20 March, 2021

    Made the whole project available for free for all of you. Still it is possible to pay what you want. :)

  • updated packs 20 March, 2021

    Updated the image files to meet some size limitation for content provided for free on gumroad

  • updated website 20 March, 2021

    Some broken elements were removed, email support removed and guide stripped down :)

  • more icons 16 Feb, 2021

    Some new common icons added, after requested by some collaborators. If you miss some icons, just contact me :)

  • german installation guide 21 Nov, 2020

    As i got a lot of requests for a german installation guide, I added a translation and a link to a german installation guide. Hope this helps :)

  • third pack finished 21 Nov, 2020

    for the time being the packs are now finished. so at least as far as it was planned. the third pack 'plays' in the woods and has very nice impressions to offer

  • second pack finished 18 Nov, 2020

    After a short break, i finished the second pack as promised.

  • new nice page 29 Oct, 2020

    Polished out the thumbnails and showcases and i put the first package online, now available for download. Two more packages are coming soon.

  • another rainy sunday 25 Oct, 2020

    Added more important icons, now there are 66 per color. soon it is ready to ship.

  • from dusk till midnight 23 Oct, 2020

    Another theme for the most mystical time of day, twilight. three more backgrounds added and new motivation gained..

  • new Icons on the block 18 Oct, 2020

    20 new app icons for the most important social media platforms

  • start now 15 Oct, 2020

    As the lockdown is almost tangible again the first theme is created. It includes 6 beautiful background images that inspire me and the 16 most important standard ios app icons in two different colors.